About us

About us


Our Motivation

The motivation to start our business was a phone call from the glass processor : ”Can you help us to solve the problem of delamination and cloudy of laminated glass? We are annoyed by the customer, and can’t solve this problem. Glass is always replace. ” Then, we stared. 

Beginning from development of SEF film formula, then mass production of the SEF film, and installed SEF glass at Taiwan Glass factory,which is nearby sea. It was exposed to sunshine, wind and rain. Five years passed, there is nothing changed in SEF glass. Now, SEF glass has being installed in lots of  well-known buildings, such as  


Our Skills

We build up our team with chemical talents and come over lots of tough issues to reach 1st target, that is SEF interlayer. Multiple years of formulation and interlayer manufacture experience made us become one of excellent film makers in the Glass Industry.
During Covid-19 period, we expanded glass installation skills by adding experts. With skillful Autocad and Rhino software usage, we can provide owner and Architectures accurate and timely service.


Our Timeline

2015 Seeory Company Establishment

Established in 2015 April, Seeory is co-founded by several chemists, chemical engineering experts.


2016 Taiwan Laminated glass certification,CNS1183, approved

For the 1st time, we made sizable laminated glass with SEF interlayer and it was approved by Taiwan Laminated glass certification, CNS 1183.

2017 Company name changed to Seeory Materials

With Public Listed Company investment, Seeory become 100% Taiwan Company and renamed “Seeory Materials Co., Ltd”

1st SEF Glass production line installed at South Taiwan

December, we made a huge step, the SEF Glass production line was installed in 1st Customer of glass processor in South Taiwan.

The patent for SEF Glass

In December, we received our 1st Taiwan patent for better protection of our technology

2018 Got the patent globally

2018 Got the patent in China / Japan / USA / Europe

2019/01 豐邑建設-東城100

Application 玻璃欄杆(Glass Railing)

Description (6光+6灰)SEF Glass,第一棟建案坐落於新竹東城門側,28層樓市中心最高地標

Installer 信鈞行實業有限公司

2019/01 奇美建設-森景澤

Application 玻璃欄杆

Description (10光+10光)SEF Glass,頂樓造景欄杆俯視大片綠海

Installer 森冠科技股份有限公司

2019/07 晨禎營造企業總部

Application 玻璃欄杆

Description  (8光+8灰)SEF Glass,總部指定用料,2021全球卓越建設獎得主,2021斬獲無數世界建築設計大賞

Installer 鑫橋實業股份有限公司

2020/02 精銳建設-Fun 未來

Application 玻璃欄杆

Description  (8光+8灰)曲面 SEF Glass,多層次曲線造就經典曲面外觀,弧形玻璃欄杆豎立各樓層

Installer 城宏玻璃有限公司

2020/11 福爾摩沙遊艇酒店

Application 玻璃欄杆

Description  (10光+10光)SEF Glass,台灣唯一擁有遊艇碼頭的酒店,隔著水景灣凝視安平古堡

Installer 吉久旺企業股份有限公司

2021/10 三美實業UMAKE旗艦總部

Application 玻璃帷幕、玻璃欄杆

Description  (6灰+6光LowE)、(8灰+8光LowE)、(8光+8光) SEF Glass,旗艦總部玻璃帷幕,比鄰基隆河岸

Installer 鋮鎰企業有限公司

2021/11 忠泰建設-陽信銀行

Application 玻璃帷幕

Description  (10茶+10光)SEF Glass,陽信銀行新總部大樓

Installer 祐昀有限公司

2021 Reach 100 buildings

2021 Reach 100 buildings glass installation in Taiwan. Including the curtain wall / Railing / Glass roof …etc.